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Wonder Peru Expedition


This wonderful bus tour goes through ancient archaeological sites located between the cities of Cusco and Puno.


  • Duration

    10 hours approx.

  • Meals

    Buffet lunch

  • Transport Style


  • Group Size

    Between 10 and 36 people

  • Team

    Bus attendant - Local Guide

Cusco - Puno, Peru

Tour Bus Itinerary



You have to be at least 10 minutes before the bus leaves. Otherwise, you could lose your tour.


Andahuaylillas Sistine Chapel of America, Cusco to Puno Bus

Andahuaylillas Sistine Chapel of America

The renowned temple was built by the Jesuits in 1580, and what is most impressive is that its facade does not tell you what you find inside: a space full of incredible artistic works of religious inspiration, among which are paintings, sculptures and inspirational carvings. baroque. It is also very interesting that the bases of this church are stone blocks from the Inca Palace, previously built in the same place. This was a practice that was repeated during the time of colonization, where the Spanish managed to impose their religion over the Andean customs that prevailed in the region.


Raqchi Archaeological Complex, Cusco to Puno Bus

Raqchi Archaeological Complex

Between the snowy peaks and the original towns, in the Andean highlands between Cusco and Puno, is the beautiful pre-Inca site of Raqchi. The "temple of Wiracocha" is a great construction, a high building completely covered with straw (wood and "ichu"). The Raqchi ruins are assigned to the Tiwanaku culture, which was particularly well represented in present-day Bolivia. According to the findings, the Tiwanaku were represented throughout the region between 400 and 1200 AD. and they also created the ruins of Raqchi in their time.


Buffet lunch in Sicuani City, Cusco to Puno Bus

Buffet lunch in Sicuani City

Our lunch buffet includes a wide variety of national and regional food. The buffet is included in the price of the bus ticket. Cold drinks such as sodas or beers are not included. Lunch lasts 40 minutes.


La Raya Pass the highest point on the Route, Cusco to Puno Bus

La Raya Pass the highest point on the Route

the Raya pass, the highest point of the route, we are at an altitude of 4325 m (14,222 ft). At this point, the cordilleras of Central and South of Peru join together forming the node" of Vilcanota, whose snowy peaks, often covered with clouds. Beyond the pass extend the bare immensity of the Peruvian altiplano to the shores of Lake Titicaca. an unforgettable experience.


Pukara lithic museum, Cusco to Puno Bus

Pukara Lithic Museum

The archaeological site of Pukara is located in the modern town of Pucará, about 80kms NW of Lake Titicaca, on the road from Puno to Cuzco. The site was the center of an influential culture dated to approximately 2000 years ago.



The arrival time may vary according to the weather or traffic in the city.

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  • Shuttle Service in Cusco

    Shuttle service in Cusco.
    Accommodations and AIRBNB within the city. Up to 03 people.

    USD 10.00.

    Cusco, Peru

  • Route of the Sun Tickets

    Entrance tickets.
    This price includes all entrance tickets to the tourist attractions on the route.

    USD 15.00.


  • Shuttle Service in Puno

    Shuttle service in Puno.
    Accommodations and AIRBNB within the city. Up to 03 people.

    USD 10.00.

    Puno, Peru