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How Inka Express Bus Works

Discover authentic places of our beautiful Inca land.

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How Inka Express Bus Works

From the most remote places on the planet, travelers gather to discover an ancient city of the Incas, now a wonder of the modern world, Machu Picchu. Inca Express Bus offers the Route of Sun, a bus tour between the cities of Cusco and Puno. Many people after their visit to Machu Picchu do this tour.

Where we visit ancient Inca sites, museums and churches. Our tour offers buffet and also services on board, the buses are modern and have facilities for a comfortable trip. Inka Express Bus is made up of local professionals, our experience and knowledge are available to everyone, to help discover authentic places of our beautiful Inca land. We take care of everything stressful. Thus, you will fully enjoy a memorable and exciting trip.

The Route of Sun

The southern area of Cusco is surrounded by ancient Inca sites, colonial churches and archaeological centers. However, they aren’t as popular as others, but they are just as impressive. The Route of Sun is a bus tour between the cities of Cusco and Puno. We visit some of the most important tourist attractions near the main road.

The trip lasts approximately 10 hours, 6 hours on route and 4 in stops. Guided tours last around 30 to 40 minutes at each tourist attraction. The buffet, an obligatory and necessary stop in the city of Sicuani, lasts around 50 minutes.

About the Bus

The buses are modern and equipped with all the necessary accessories for a safe and comfortable trip. The buses have installed:

  • Wide reclining seats.
  • Air conditioning Heating.
  • Air purifier and odor extractor.
  • Chemical bath on board. Led lighting system.
  • Curtains for the sun.
  • Panoramic and polarized windows, with U.V.filter.
  • Free WI-FI service on board (only in areas with internet signal).

Services on board

  • Bilingual guided, English and Spanish.
  • Hot and cold drinks.
  • Medicated oxygen.
  • First aid kit.

Guided visits

Professional tour guides trained constantly are on board and throughout the journey. In addition to guiding, they are trained in first aid and will also be able to advise you in any eventuality, before and during the trip. Remember, if you need the help of an expert, you can contact us at any time.


In our opinion, one of the most important stops of the day is buffet time. Novo Andean cuisine, vegetative and traditional food. Peruvian cuisine has been awarded worldwide as one of the best. We know what food our travelers like (Buffet accompanied by live music for your enjoyment).