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Spend a night in a traditional family home on a beautiful island in Lake Titicaca

Located in the pristine waters of the majestic Lake Titicaca, Amantani Island invites you on a journey through time to an intact and vibrant culture. With its agricultural terraces and sacred temples crowning its peaks, this island is a living testimony of Andean traditions. Its warm and gentle inhabitants offer visitors an unparalleled opportunity to experience genuine hospitality in their traditional homes. Here, the stars seem to shine more brightly and ancestral stories come alive in every corner. Immerse yourself in the pure essence of the Andes and discover Amantaní: an oasis of culture and beauty in the heart of the Peruvian altiplano. Venture into this unforgettable experience!


  • Duration

    2 days

  • Meals

    1 dinner, 1 brakfast & 1 lunch.

  • Tour style

    Boat trip, soft walk.

  • Group size

    5 to 15 people.

  • Team

    Guía local profesional.

Puno - Uros, Amantani & Taquile Island - Lake Titicaca



The Uros Islands

The inhabitants of the floating islands of the Uros are an ancestral ethnic group. This group of people has lived on Lake Titicaca since time immemorial. Even today they still maintain their original way of life, fishing, hunting birds and collecting eggs. But their main skill lies in the manufacture of various items made of totora reeds. This plant is present on the shores and in shallow places of Lake Titicaca.

Amantani Island

The island of Amantani is the largest island in Lake Titicaca, with an area of 9,000 meters and home to some 800 families; its highest point is 4,150 meters above sea level. This charming island has two temples dedicated to Pacha mama (mother earth) and Pacha tata (father earth). These temples are closed all year round, except on the third Thursday of January, when the locals celebrate their annual festival. We will have the opportunity to visit the mountain in the afternoon and enjoy the scenery from the viewpoint of the island. The scenery of Lake Titicaca and the horizon at sunset are sublime from this place.

Taquile Island

The island of Taquile has been trapped in time, almost in its entirety. Its inhabitants have kept their customs alive to this day, but the influence of modernity is present in some details of their daily life. The inhabitants of Taquile are expert weavers, an ancient tradition that dates back to the first civilizations. All weavings are made on fixed and pedal looms of pre-Inca design. The most characteristic garments are the so-called "Chullo", a woven cap with earflaps, and "La Cinta del Calendario", which represents the annual cycles related to rituals and agricultural activities.

The textile work of the inhabitants of Taquile was declared "Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity" by UNESCO.

Day 1

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08:00 - Floating Islands of the Uros

The boat trip to the islands takes about 30 minutes and offers beautiful views of Lake Titicaca. Upon arrival we are greeted by a group of islanders. Our local guide will explain important aspects of the life and customs of this small nation.

A traditional activity in the Uros is the ride in a small handmade boat, made of cane by the locals. The cost of the ride is not included in the excursion.

10:30 - Amantani Island

After the visit to the floating island of the Uros, we continue our journey to the island of Amantani. Upon arrival at the island's port, we will be greeted by a group of families. Our guide, responsible for the group, introduces us to the families who provide accommodation on the island.

Visitors are divided into pairs and each group stays in a family house.

In the afternoon, we will visit the Pachamama mountain, an ancient ceremonial site located on top of the island. This place is ideal to contemplate the wonderful sunset over Lake Titicaca. In the evening, we will gather in the main square and return to our family home for dinner.

Food at Amantani is regulated for health and safety reasons. During dinner, our hosts invite us to get to know their home and their way of life.

In the evening, visitors are invited to a particular activity, an Andean feast. Local families provide the traditional clothing. The men wear ponchos and woolen hats. The women wear colorful skirts, blouses and veils. The costumes have unique styles and designs. The party is held in the main folklore hall and is enlivened by one of the local orchestras.

Tour al Lago Titicaca Alojamiento en Isla Amantani

Day 2

The next morning and after an instant breakfast we said goodbye to our host family and returned to the island dock. Our stay on Amantani Island is over.

Taquile Island

The ascent from the port to the center of the island is made by a trail. The path is surrounded by cultivated fields, small houses and impressive views of Lake Titicaca. You will meet the locals and admire their colorful weavings, a craft that dates back to time immemorial. Here you will also enjoy a very scenic hike, followed by lunch at a local restaurant.

After visiting the islands, we return to the dock, with a greater appreciation of what life is like on Lake Titicaca. The tour includes lunch at the Taquile plaza and concludes around 3pm. The transfer service will be waiting for you at the port of Puno.

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Tour al Lago Titicaca Excursiones a las Islas Flotantes de los Uros y Taquile

Tour Specifications

The tour includes the most important services.
However, you can upgrade the type of tour or add services to your booking.

The tour includes
  • Tourist boat.
  • Entrance tickets to Uros, Amantani and Taquile Islands.
  • Lodging in Amantani Island.
  • Lunch at Amantani Island (first day).
  • Dinner at Amantani Island (first day).
  • Breakfast on Amantani Island (second day).
  • Professional bilingual guide.
  • Pick up service from the hotel.
  • Transfer service to the hotel.
  • Boat equipment: Medicated oxygen and first aid kit.

The tour does not include
  • Handmade boat trip. Price: s/ 10 - 15 per person.
  • Services not listed.

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