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Peru - Bolivia


Bus from Puno to La Paz (one stop in Copacabana)

Remember please: Inka Express does not provide this service.

To travel from Puno to Copacabana we recommend Titicaca International Transport. All buses to Copacabana and La Paz - Bolivia are not tourist, usually are used by the local population. All tourists traveling to Bolivia use this service, this way they know local people and interact with them directly.

Titicaca International Transport:

The buses leave from Earth Terminal, Puno and there are 03 schedules:

  • Departure: 06:00 hrs. [Peruvian Time] - Arrival: 16:00 hrs. [Bolivian Time]
    Stop in Copacabana, 02 hrs.

  • Departure: 07:30 hrs. [Peruvian Time] - Arrival: 17:00 hrs. [Bolivian Time]
    Stop in Copacabana, 01 hrs.

  • Departure: 14:00 hrs. [Peruvian Time] - Arrival: 21:00 hrs. [Bolivian Time]
    Direct Service.

* Note: The time difference between Peru and Bolivia is +01: 00 hours.

* Note: Only the bus at 06:00 hrs. has two floors.


Dear passengers, the trip is scheduled for 6 hours, but sometimes especially in high season the trip is increased by 01 hour more. This is because the immigration office is crowded.

  • Group (price per person)
  • 01 pax $20
  • 02 pax $20
  • 11 pax $15

Titicaca International Transport, puno to copacabana